The product has been fully recognized by customers.
Time : 2023-12-14
The product has been fully recognized by customers.

Recently, 500 tons of tin-plated sheets customized and produced by HBIS Group Hengban Packaging were successfully delivered. The test report shows that key performance indicators such as surface quality, product resistance, and printing effect are better than industry standards. The product has been fully recognized by customers.

Based on the new development stage of technological upgrading, Hengban Packaging continues to promote the optimization of "two structures", focusing on developing high-end products and high-end customers, taking the personalized needs of customers as a breakthrough point, constantly optimizing product categories and achieving product grade improvement. Clear positioning of "tin-plated products as the main products", give full play to the production line advantages of cross-cutting and iron printing supporting services to add value, expand the ability to connect with the high-end market and serve high-end customers, and enhance the competitiveness in the deep processing field .

In order to meet customer needs, the corrosion resistance and adhesion of the products supplied this time need to reach level one, which is the highest level in the industry. During the production process, Hengban Packaging actively conducts technical exchanges with customers and continuously adjusts and optimizes the production process, technical indicators and product applicability. The content involves multiple aspects such as raw material selection, production process, quality grade, inspection and testing, etc. At the same time, relying on the advantages of HBIS's production, marketing and research platform, it will strengthen the role of technology leadership and support to maximize product performance and meet customers' high-end needs.

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