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We can customize various types of carbon steel plates.the characteristics of hot-rolled carbon steel plates:High strength, good toughness, easy processing, rough surface, low cost.
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We can customize various types of carbon steel plates.

We have over 20 years of experience in steel plate production

80% of our customers choose us because of our strict quality control and good reputation.

Our products cover Carbon steel, Galvanized, Galvalume and Color-coated products. The company has a high reputation in the steel product chain, and our products are exported to the Middle East, Europe, Latin and South America, and Southeast Asian countries.

Hot rolled steel is an alloy consisting of iron and carbon. The percentage of carbon in the steel affects the hardness,strength of elasticity and ductility of carbon steel. As the carbon percentage content rises, steel is harder and stronger but less ductile. Hot rolled steel has high hardness, toughness and strength, and it is relatively inexpensive compared to other steels.

Product NameHot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate
Length1m-12m or as required
Width1m-3m or as required
Thickness1.2mm-150mm or as required
TechniqueHot rolled
Surface Treatment

Clean, blasting and painting

 according to customer requirement.

Thickness tolerance±1%

Q195,Q235,Q235A,,Q235B, Q345B,

 SPHC, SPHD, SS400,ASTM A36, S235JR,

 S275JR, S345JR, S355JOH, S355J2H,

 ASTM A283, ST37, ST52,ASTM A252 Gr. 2(3), 

ASTM A572 Gr. 500, ASTM A500 Gr. A(B, C, D), 

16Mo3, 16MnL, 16MnR, 16Mng, 

16MnDR, HG785D, S690QL, 50MN, etc.


Building Construction,Bridge,Architecture

,Vehicles Components,hipping,

High pressure container,Boiler,

Large Structure steel etc.

MOQ1tons.We also can accept sample order.
Export packing

standard export packing (inside:water proof paper

,outside:steel covered with strips and pallets) 

or as required


Carbon steel plate is a metal plate composed of iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content not exceeding 2.11%. Depending on the carbon content, carbon steel plates can be divided into three types: low carbon steel plates, medium carbon steel plates and high carbon steel plates.


Characteristics of carbon steel plate:

1. High strength: carbon steel plate has high strength, which can meet the needs of
various structures. which is high Carbon steel plate has the highest strength, but poor toughness, and is suitable for occasions requiring high strength.

2. Good plasticity: carbon steel plate has good plasticity, and can be processed by cold processing and
hot processing Forming and processing in different ways to meet the needs of different shapes.

3. Good welding performance: carbon steel plate is easy to weld, and multiple carbon steel plates can be welded by welding process The steel plates are joined to form structures of larger dimensions.

4. Poor corrosion resistance: carbon steel plates are prone to rust in humid environments and require anti-corrosion treatment management to prolong the service life.


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